Always Be Testing: How Nonprofits Can Use Pardot to Increase Impact

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Many people a/b test their email campaigns using Pardot. However many people are not aware that you can also A/B test your landing pages. In addition to that you can also use Google analytics and a HotJar to collect information on not only how long visitors are on your landing page but also where they are spending the most time. This session will cover at a high level some of the different types of testing you can do with assets across pardon including some additional tools that can make it easier to identify if your landing pages are converting.

About the Author

Pardot Consultant and 2020 Marketing Champion
Idealist Consulting

Kirsten Kippen, certified Pardot consultant for Idealist Consulting is responsible for working with nonprofits and mission-driven companies to help them scale, innovate and grow. She has previously worked as in-house marketing director, project manager, and scholarships manager for a variety of B2B companies and nonprofits. A 2020 Salesforce Marketing Champion, Kirsten leads the Portland, OR Marketer User Group and is passionate about training and creating great email strategy. She enjoys baking and playing outside with her two young daughters, and hopes someday she will figure out a way to explain her job to them.

Sheridan Marfill
Director, Digital Fundraising
World Food Program USA

Sheridan Marfil, Director, Digital Fundraising, is responsible for the solicitation and expansion of the World Food Program USA’s digital fundraising program, including the email program’s growth, managing cultivation, retention, and sustainer campaigns, and working with the marketing and communications team to foster acquisition across all online and social media channels. Sheridan most recently worked as Marketing and Communications Manager at the National Association of Counties, where she conducted online and offline campaigns and marketing strategies for their U.S. Communities program. Her experience also includes positions at the United NationsFoundation and USAID. Sheridan holds a BA from Syracuse in International Relations and an MS in Interactive Media from Quinnipiac. She is currently working to earn her MBA from the University of Cincinnati.

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