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Click here to register to attend MarDreamin’. We will send you a confirmation email with a calendar and login link when you successfully complete the form.

MarDreamin’ is a fully virtual event. That means you can join us from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Someday we hope to gather in person again, but going virtual means geography is not a barrier to attending.

The Standard Conference Pass for the event is free. That means there is no fee to attend MarDreamin’ sessions, keynotes, panels, demonstrations, etc. There are fees associated with the Workshop All-Access Pass for pre-conference training workshops on the first day of the conference, which is optional.

Our primary focus it to tailor our content to Marketers, Marketing Operations teams, and platform Users (Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Sales Cloud) globally across industries. You will find content covering functionality overviews, demos, how to tutorials, case studies, and much more!

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a Sponsor, please complete this form for more information

Yes. We will record all MarDreamin’ sessions and make them available to everyone who registers for the conference.

You can click here to watch the session recordings from years prior.

We want to encourage as much audience participation as possible so everyone can get the most from the virtual event. So, we’ve scheduled as many live sessions as possible so you can get the marketing experts to answer your questions.

The event platform opens about a few days before MarDreamin' begins. Everyone who registers for the event will get an email that includes a link to access the event platform. Save this email. Remember to use the same email address you used to register when you're trying to access the platform.

If you're not registered, visit this page to complete the registration form and watch your email inbox for information to access the event platform.

You should get an email with the link to join the MarDreamin' conference platform during registration. Search your inbox. spam and junk folders for "You're Registered! Welcome To MarDreamin' 2023" from "". Additionally, you will receive a reminder email at least a day before the conference is scheduled to begin and another the morning of the first day. Please check your spam or junk folder. If you didn't get the email or can't find it, please contact us

If you registered for the workshops, that information will come in a separate email with a different access link.

MarDreamin' kicks off the day before the conference with training workshops. Workshop attendees have to pre-register and pay to join the training workshops. The price gets you access to all the workshops and their recordings for 4-months post the conference. Workshops cover Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), and Marketing Cloud Engagement and you can pick any of the courses to attend live. You can find more details about workshops here.

You can register for the training workshops here. Workshop attendees pay less when they register early, and space is limited. So, get to it!

Yes. You can sign up for pre-conference training workshops after you register for a standard MarDreamin’ ticket. Go to the MarDreamin’ registration form and choose the pre-conference workshops you want to attend when you complete the form. Be sure to use your same email. 

We’ll start shipping MarDreamin’ prizes about a week after the event is over. So you can expect to get your prize or award to arrive about a month after the conclusion of MarDreamin’ festivities.

Yes. We can issue a refund to you for the MarDreamin’ Workshop All-Access Pass prior to November 1, 2022. You can email to request a refund for purchases you made through the MarDreamin’ website. We’ll respond within 14 days of your request.

Any questions regarding the website or the event can be directed to

All you need to access MarDreamin' is a reliable internet connection and a computer or mobile device. We recommend you use a Chrome browser, but other browsers will also work for the event. You can use Android or iOS devices to access our webinar platform. Be sure to download the latest updates for the browser you are using to ensure everything works great the week of the event. 

Goldcast recommends you join using Google Chrome. Learn more here.

Yes! Goldcast has put together a guide for attendees regardless of the event they join using Goldcast, check it out here.

Check out Goldcast FAQ's here.

Here's a few of the top ones from the same article:

QHow do I get to the next session?

A: You will automatically be advanced to the next session of the track you are in. To join sessions in other tracks, simply navigate to AGENDA beside the Stage, and select the track you wish to join and enter the session.

QMy video/audio appears to be lagging, what should I do?

A: Below the Stage (where the speaker is talking), you will see a toggle on the bottom right. Click the toggle to enter the "lite mode," which may help elevate your video/audio issues.

How do I change tracks?

A:To join sessions in other tracks, simply navigate to Agenda beside the Stage, and select the track you wish to join and enter the session.

QCan I leave and join back the event/session?

A: Yes, you can always use the magic link to get back to the session.

Q: My magic link isn't working to enter the event, now what do I do?

A: Email support at

People who attend pre-conference workshops have registered and paid in advance to attend the training sessions. You may not have pre-registered for the workshops if you're unable to access them. However, you can email if you registered for a pre-conference workshop and can't access it.

Check here for future training sessions offered by Sercante, which is the team behind MarDreamin'.

If you're experiencing difficulties with the conference platform or think you've seen a violation of the MarDreamin' Code of Conduct, then you can send an email to us at We'll do our best to respond quickly and appropriately.

Yes, you can sign up for workshops up to Tuesday, October 31, 2022, via the registration page

You can find all the course descriptions, who the courses are meant for, and pre-requisites on the Workshop page

You can go to the registration page and sign up again. Be sure to add your same email. Once you register you will receive a new access link for workshop day and another for the main conference. 

You will automatically get a receipt from Stripe in your email inbox if your MarDreamin' conference ticket included the Workshop All-Access Pass for workshops for which you paid money. Check your spam/junk folder if you do not see the email. You can contact if you did not receive an email and already checked your spam folder.

You can email to request a receipt for purchases you made through the MarDreamin’ website. We’ll email you a receipt within 14 days of your request.

Yes! all sessions are recorded and shared for 90 days afterward. You should receive them before the end of next week. (Along with the slide decks).

The event opens at 10 am EST. We will have a small break midway through the day and may have small five-minute breaks during Workshops but feel free to step away if you need to. All sessions are recorded and shared for 90 days afterward, including the decks. 

Upon registration, you will receive an email for the event with a unique link to access the event platform called Goldcast. You will also receive a reminder email the day before and another the morning off. Found them? Great - Save the email and bookmark the link! Remember to use the same email address you used to register when trying to access the platform. If you have any issues with accessing a workshop, please email or contact us via the Contact Us page. 

Note that this email will be exclusively for the workshop day, you will receive another for the actual conference. The links will be different. 

Mostly you! We're just delighted to have you. Outside of that, I would have a pen and paper for note-taking and at least three of your favorite snacks, and some water! 

Be sure to have Slack or Teams on mute to prevent distractions. 

We can! Try these few things first. Search your inbox for: [You're In!] MarDreamin' 2023: Welcome To Workshop Day or Be sure to look in your spam and junk folders. 

We will be sending those emails the day before and the morning of the event for your convenience. If you still can't find it, email us via our contact us form. Be sure to include the name and email you registered with within the body.

Conference day attendees will have 2 links. One for the workshops on October 31, and another for the rest of the conference Nov 1 - 3. Please check your emails from Goldcast as they will describe which one will work for each scenario. If you continue to have issues, please contact us at

You’ll be asked to complete a quick profile where you can upload a photo, your job title etc as well as any social links you want to share. Profiles exist so you can connect and network with others with ease. Navigate to the people's tab in the top left of your navigation to find your friends and meet new people. 

Be sure to ensure your internet connection is the best that it can be before joining. 

Yes! Check out the Agenda tab to see details on all sessions across the day. You can add calendar reminders via the calendar icons and click the join session button to join live! 

You will have access to sit on a track, which is a series of workshops on a singular platform (think Marketing Cloud or Account Engagement - formerly Pardot), where you will be automatically moved to the next Workshop, but you can change your “track” using the option in the bottom left of the screen or join any session you'd like. 

The event will be open from 10 am - 4 pm EST. We understand life comes up. You are welcome to join us for as long as you will like. The day includes the opportunity to sit in 3 sessions and enjoy the career exploration panel mid-day. If you have to step away, we will be sending the recordings and decks to everyone by the end of the week. 

All you have to do is join the session and take in our seasoned experts' tips, tricks, and advice. We might test your knowledge during the session with chat questions and polls but that's about it.

You are welcome to watch us and take notes or follow along in your own environment. We highly recommend you check with your team before using your production environment to avoid any issues. 

You will receive decks and recordings next week and those will last for 30 days.  

The goal is for each workshop to start wrapping up 5 minutes prior to the workshop ending for attendees to have quick breaks in between. You are welcome to step away as needed. Decks and recordings will be available for attendees soon after Tuesday's workshop day. Recordings will be available for 90 days after the conference is over. 

We will kick the day off with a short introductory session to run through some housekeeping items and announcements regarding the workshop day! 

Yes. We can issue a refund to you for the MarDreamin’ Workshop All-Access Pass prior to November 1, 2022. You can email to request a refund for purchases you made through the MarDreamin’ website. We’ll respond within 14 days of your request.

The MarDreamin’ Code of Conduct

Our goal is for MarDreamin’ to provide opportunities for sales and marketing professionals to grow their skills, be inspired, and connect with likeminded people who do awesome things with marketing technology. To reach that goal, we require everyone attending MarDreamin’ to follow the MarDreamin’ Code of Conduct. We created the MarDreamin’ Code of Conduct so everyone can enjoy a pleasant, safe and equitable virtual conference experience. Respect your fellow MarDreamin’ attendees Whether you are involved with MarDreamin’ as an attendee, speaker, sponsor or volunteer, we expect you to treat the community with respect. That means you agree to refrain from behavior that could discriminate against other participants based on gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We do not tolerate any forms of discrimination or harassment. And we expect you to keep conversations focused on the conference topics and professional development. Sexual language and imagery are not appropriate for any MarDreamin’ conference sessions, workshops, parties, or social media communications. We can expel anyone from the virtual conference who violates our code of conduct at our discretion. That includes any workshops for which code of conduct violators may have paid to attend, and we will not issue any refunds.

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