Can GPT Replace A Salesforce Marketer?

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What’s Next In MOPS?

Generative AI is not a ‘silver bullet’ answer — it can’t be implemented and be expected to make improvements to all use cases, nor to solve all challenges.

This session will cover nine aspects/responsibilities of marketers on the Salesforce platform — from content creation to inbound lead funneling, user adoption, and more. We’ll detail how GPT can have an impact and why there needs to be a human in the loop.

About the Author

Salesforce Ben

Operations Director at SF Ben, founder of The DRIP. Passionate about Salesforce marketing automation technologies – and how any organization should get the best out of it. 10x certified cross-cloud, and former leader of the London B2B Marketers (PUG) group.

Salesforce Ben

Content Team Lead at SF Ben and The DRIP. At the forefront of Salesforce trends, passionate about words, and explores Salesforce marketing automation technologies to support others in maximizing their careers.

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