Doing More with Less: 4 Budget-Friendly Direct Mail Plays that Yield High ROI

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Learn four unique, budget-friendly direct mail plays that yield impressive ROI—featuring PFL’s Kricia Storms and Brent Alexander. 

In today’s economy, we are forced to attain peak performance with reduced budgets and fewer resources. Our presenters will showcase how to optimize the customer journey in ways that inspire action and combat the challenge of declining digital response—all with powerful direct mail strategies that can save time and money. 

Key topics to be covered:

  • Innovative marketing approaches that yield exceptional results despite economic constraints.
  • Direct mail techniques that provide significant ROI and better engagement
  • Insights into optimal timing and estimated spend for personalized mailers.
  • Audience engagement tips and how to drive conversions through proven tactics.

About the Author


With nearly 12 years of dedicated service at PFL, Brent Alexander leverages his extensive expertise in direct mail technology to help marketing sales teams effectively incorporate direct mail automation into omnichannel customer journeys. As VP of Customer Strategy at PFL, he is committed to helping businesses stand out in the ever-evolving marketing world, guiding them with best practices and innovative direct mail strategies that accelerate growth, boost engagement, and ensure a remarkable customer experience.


Kricia Storms is a seasoned marketing strategist with over a decade of experience managing high-impact marketing programs and supporting the customer experience. As PFL’s Product Marketing Director, Customer Engagement, Kricia is passionate about crafting data-driven marketing programs that amplify engagement, foster customer loyalty, and enhance the customer experience. She leverages her expertise in integrating direct mail with omnichannel campaigns to develop content that empowers the PFL customer success team to add strategic value to every customer interaction.

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