How To Create Amazing Emails Without All The Back-And-Forth

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For 80 percent of companies, it takes two or more weeks to get just a single email or landing page ready. Why? Because these marketing assets are created using a highly inefficient process involving specialists using single-purpose tools, operating in silos. This takes way too much time. Plus, it’s very expensive—largely because talented people are stuck doing tedious tasks manually. It does not have to be that way. Hear how to cut creation time by up to 90 percent while boosting campaign performance. And learn how companies like yours benefited from this approach.

About the Author


Noah Dinkin founded Stensul and serves as the company’s CEO, leading 130+ global employees helping the world’s top brands be more efficient, strategic, and innovative around content creation. By leveraging Stensul to dramatically increase email creation efficiency, teams are able to free up valuable time to focus on strategic operations, driving increased performance.  

Prior to Stensul, Noah co-founded an email marketing platform for musicians and other creators that was backed by prominent venture investors. It was ultimately acquired in early 2021. Earlier in his “career,” he was a marketing advisor/consultant for more than 15 years. In those roles he helped create B2C/B2B marketing programs and structure marketing processes and teams for several of the world’s most recognized brands and individuals. Always curious and only technical enough to write some bad HTML yet still be dangerous in QA, Noah once caused an international incident for Starbucks with a single tweet.

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