Now You See Me, Now You Don’t! Lead Routing Basics for Pardot Admins

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Features & FunctionsLead Management

On average, about 33% of prospects in Pardot databases exist in Pardot only (meaning they’re not synced to Salesforce). You could have a whole segment of inbound leads that only exist in Pardot waiting to be qualified and assigned in Sales Cloud. So, what happens when there isn’t a plan in place to engage and route these leads?

This session will help you identify how many of your Pardot prospects only live in Pardot and are inactive. Additionally, we will cover different ways to route leads between Salesforce and Pardot. We will discuss how you can leverage the power of marketing automation to make sure your new inbound leads make it to the right team for appropriate follow up. We will outline tips, tricks and gotchas that will help you look like a demand gen hero.

This session is for Pardot admins and anyone who manages leads within your organization at all skill levels.

About the Author


Marcos is a marketing automation strategist with a diverse background in design, marketing, and automation software. He loves to craft complex solutions and manage campaigns with Pardot (and other marketing automation/campaign management tools) for his B2B/B2C/NGO customers. He is also the co-Leader for the Austin Pardot User Group, Salesforce event aficionado, and a knowledge sharer of marketing operations and Pardot on LinkedIn.

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