5 Next-Level AMPscript Tips For Hyper-Personalized Content

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Marketing Cloud

Get ready to unleash the power of Marketing Cloud with AMPscript to deliver custom one-to-one personalization. In this session, learn five ways to use AMPscript to deliver the ideal customer experiences.

The methods we cover include options for customizing content, working with third-party links, pulling sales owner data, and making it easier for salespeople to follow up. Each example uses real data, so you can quickly and easily add these tips to your marketing efforts.

About the Author

Timothy Ziter

Tim is a marketing automation expert who delivers high-energy hands-on presentations that dramatically improve working knowledge of Marketing Cloud automation solutions.  He has worked in advertising, as an entrepreneur, on the client side and now as a sought after consultant, speaker and trainer.  Tim’s career expands over several industries including finserve, pharma and ecommerce. He is passionate about helping clients maximize their marketing automation and build scalable solutions in Salesforce.

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