7 Easy Tips For Effective Email Campaigns

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You’ve got all the tools at your disposal to send gorgeous emails to people who want to hear from your brand. But none of that matters if the emails you send look and sound amateurish, or if your message is uninteresting or unclear.

In this session, we look at easy steps you can take to deliver great emails every time. We cover seven tried-and-true methods we use in all of our marketing campaigns to ensure the message we’re sending is actually received. Taking a high-level look at what goes into building emails, you’ll walk away with practical tips to incorporate into your marketing strategy today.

About the Author

Veterans Guardian

Hello, my name is Avery McKenzie. I am a 24-year-old young professional with 3 years of experience as a marketing coordinator specializing in creating, analyzing, and maintaining emails within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Although I have not been in the workforce long, I have learned various email techniques that I would love to share with others.

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