Lead Attribution Versus Marketing Contribution

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In this session, we are going to cover two hot topics for marketing:

  1. Lead attribution
  2. Marketing contribution


First, we’ll start with the definitions and discuss the difference between attribution (how we get the leads) and contribution (how our different marketing activities contribute and influence opportunities). We will also look at how we can use Pardot to set attribution and different lead sources; and how we should work with the Sales Cloud to measure campaign influence at the opportunity level.

About the Author

Manager Lead Generation

Joao currently works at Intrum, group level, and is responsible globally for Lead Management.

He has a solid knowledge in marketing and sales processes; and with the core technology that supports it: marketing automation and CRM. Joao is proficient with Pardot, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud, including certifications as Pardot specialist, Pardot consultant, Salesforce admin and Salesforce sales cloud consultant.

He has been working with Pardot since 2012 and with salesforce since 2008.

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