Switching from Eloqua to Pardot

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Eloqua and Pardot are two of the biggest marketing automation tools out there. Both focus on B2B relationships and provide advanced features to ramp up your email marketing and lead management, making them both ideal tools for businesses with specific needs.

In this ParDreamin’ session, you’ll learn about why companies make the switch from Eloqua, how Eloqua stacks up against Pardot when complicated tasks arise, and best practices for overcoming the hurdles.

  • Benefits of Pardot over Eloqua
  • Honest truth of what is better with Eloqua and how to deal with it in Pardot
  • Lessons learned, costs, challenges
  • Best practices for implementation and pitfalls

About the Author

Zakk Cica
Manager - Marketing Operations
ICE Mortgage Technology

For over the past 15 years Zakk has been a well-known leader in the marketing automation world.

As an early adopter of Eloqua he quickly became an expert in the product and later was lured to work for Oracle in Silicon Valley.
He has helped elevate many global market leaders such as, Open Text, Synopsys and currently runs MarketingOps for ICE Mortgage Technology.
Zakk will be presenting on his journey migrating from Eloqua to Pardot.

Learn why he made the switch to Pardot, the benefits and disadvantages and how to properly plan for the migration.

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