Building Dynamic Personalization At Scale By Leveraging First-Party Data

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Data & Analytics

This session will highlight the significance of leveraging a strong first-party data foundation to build personalization at scale. I will also deliver useful tips on what you can do today to ensure you are making good use of your first-party data.

I will cover the importance of collecting, analyzing, and utilizing first-party data to deliver highly targeted and relevant experiences. After attending this session, you will understand how your organization can drive great customer experiences that lead to engagement, loyalty, and sustainable growth in today’s competitive digital landscape.

About the Author

tammy begley headshot

Tammy Begley is the Head of Marketing Automation for APAC. She also sits on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner Advisory Board and is a recognised Salesforce Marketing Champion as well as leader of the Melbourne Pardot User Group.

She has over 20 years experience as a marketer. Working for large corporates in South Africa and Australia. Tammy specialises in digital marketing and marketing automation technology and strategy.

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