Creating A Roadmap For Your Salesforce Journey In MOPs

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What’s Next In MOPS?

Join us for an immersive presentation where we delve into the early years of a marketing operations professional’s career and provide guidance to navigate the dynamic field of marketing operations.

During this session, we will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in MOPs. Whether you’re just beginning your MOPs journey or seeking to enhance your early-career trajectory, this presentation offers practical insights and actionable advice to set you on the path to success.

About the Author


Marisa Labadini is a young marketing professional with a degree in marketing and entrepreneurial studies from the University of New Hampshire. She began her career at an ed-tech startup, where she quickly gained versatility and expertise in various marketing responsibilities. After three years, Marisa developed a strong passion for marketing operations, which led her to join Grammarly. At Grammarly, she continues to excel, utilizing her diverse marketing background to optimize strategies. Committed to continuous growth and with a focus on supporting Grammarly’s mission to improve lives by improving communication, she continues to learn from her peers and strive to be a MOPs expert.

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