Creating Success Through Consistency

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If you’re in a large organization that lacks standardization, working with a client that needs guidance creating company wide standard operating procedures, or are one of many users in your marketing automation platform and you’re all doing things a bit differently, this session is for you!

We’ll be covering key areas and actionable items to create a system that promotes success. Specifically, we’ll talk about the importance of a cohesive digital presence as it pertains to email marketing, website, and social media. We’ll also discuss developing internal documentation and resources to create that consistency among marketing automation platform users.

About the Author


Ashley is a Marketing Operations Manager with a passion for evaluating and developing strategy, alignment and business processes in several marketing technology systems, including Salesforce Pardot (MCAE) and Marketing Cloud. 5x Salesforce Certified, Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional, and 2020-2022 Salesforce Marketing Champion

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