Email for Everyone: Creating Accessible Digital Marketing Assets

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Regardless of your marketing role — whether you are a director, an admin, a consultant, a graphic designer — you need to be conscious of ADA guidelines and ensure everyone is able to view and enjoy your digital marketing efforts.

In this session, I will share with you the top resources and items to check off your to-do list when enacting the ADA guidelines in your digital marketing to achieve email accessibility.

About the Author


Katy is based in Decatur, Georgia. Katy is an email marketing sherpa with a proven track record in email design, code, and marketing to attract, engage and convert lookers into buyers. She entered the world of front-end development 10+ years ago, building websites, landing pages, and emails. Katy is always looking to leverage the power of new tools and techniques to improve buyer engagement and streamline the development process. She is always happy to walk through challenges a client or teammate faces and help find a workable solution. In her spare time, Katy enjoys gardening and DIY home projects that allow her to spend time with her family and get outdoors.

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