Grab And Hold Those UTM’s: Advanced Touchpoint Attribution Techniques

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In the past, determining marketing attribution using UTMs with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement was limited to a same-page-same-visit form fill. What if you could hold those UTMs across multiple pages and even across multiple visits, until the visitor completes a form?

This session lays out a process using a simple low-cost third-party tool that works on ANY website and enables tracking of UTMs across site pages. It even tracks visits between landing pages and your main site. The process works by capturing first- and last-touch UTMs in hidden fields on any Pardot form and on any page.

We will further explore the process of setting first- and last-touch UTM fields that flow through Salesforce from leads to opportunities. Ultimately, you’ll have the power to attribute newly acquired business to specific UTM campaigns.

About the Author

UnFettered Marketing

Bill Fetter has been working in sales long enough to remember when mobile phone weight was measured in pounds. He’s worked in marketing long enough to remember when Google was a new thing, when websites had to be coded in HTML by hand, and the CueCat. Since then he’s focused on technology-first marketing in medium, large and global enterprise B2B which ironically was all the same company. Today, he helps businesses of all sizes make the most of their martetch investments with a particular focus on the Pardot-Salesforce ecosystem. His company, UnFettered Marketing is dedicated to helping sales and marketing teams come together around common goals enabled by technology.

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