Marketing ROI Reporting: It’s Not So Scary

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Halloween is over. So why are we still afraid of ROI reporting? In this talk, we’ll cover a few scenarios that may be preventing your team from collecting and reporting on meaningful data. We’ll also share simple solutions to use as a starting point for reporting marketing impact to the business.

Small team? That’s okay. Maybe you can’t find meaning in tracking everything, everywhere, all at once. But you can focus on the most important things. New to these tools and not sure where to start? Okay, too. There are options like making it a phased approach that evolves as you and your team learn or hire consultants to provide support. Overwhelmed with all the touchpoints? Totally okay. Let’s think about ways you can truly track your most important, high-intent leads and start there.

This session is perfect for people at smaller organizations, or who are just starting out with their marketing operations function. There are ways to make marketing ROI reporting less “scary” by focusing on the strategy first and starting somewhere.

About the Author

Natasha Wetten

A marketing automation expert with extensive experience in Pardot, Salesforce, Marketo, and HubSpot. Specialist in conducting audits, building email templates, and consulting on B2B marketing strategy.

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