One Marketing Cloud Key To Rule Them All

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Marketing Cloud

Do Marketing Cloud contact keys, subscriber keys, and primary keys leave your head spinning? Are you concerned about duplicate contacts in your Marketing Cloud org?

We’ll explore the various types of keys in Marketing Cloud and learn how to use one key to rule them all. Astro will walk us through the right processes and not-so-good practices that keep our data clean and our marketing consistent. Then, we can avoid those billable contact limits.

About the Author

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Trailhead Academy & Independent Consultant

A true lifelong learner at heart, Vicki is a 19x certified Salesforce architect and Certified Instructor. She loves all things automation (marketing or core) & big picture design, especially when there are nonprofits involved. Her passion for teaching always brings her back to delivering training and you’ll often see her delivering Trailhead Academy courses. As a 3x mama living in France, she enjoys volunteering on various projects, being a Salesforce MVP, Marketing Champion, regular Commons volunteer and co-founder of Automation Dreamin’. Her free time is spent doing yoga, hiking and reading books – or just chasing her kids around!

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