The Art Of Listening: Crafting Impactful Customer Journeys In Marketing Cloud

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Marketing Cloud

We all know about the magic of Journey Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. There are plenty of resources out there that prepare you for the technical configuration of your flow. But what needs to happen BEFORE you open your instance? How do you shape the design of the solution?

For a solutions architect, designing customer journeys is an essential marketing skill set. But developing this ability can be challenging without guidance or strategic knowledge.

Join us to delve into the discovery process with stakeholders. Learn how to understand their challenges and goals, and understand the necessary steps and questions to design an elegant solution. This is all orchestrated from Marketing Cloud — where the key lies in listening to your customer’s needs.

About the Author

Rodrigo Daniel
García Santander
Orange Digital CX

I’m Rodrigo Santander, Solution Architect from Mexico. I love learning everyday! I’m very curious about finding new solutions. I’m an illustrator with a designer mindset and a trailblazer heart.

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