The Road To Email Compliance: The Basics, Challenges, and Gotchas

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Learn how our panelists implemented marketing compliance solutions in their own organizations. In this session, we will explore the basics of different options you have as an Administrator to capture and process marketing consent and what are some learned lessons from the process by our panelists.


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BDO Digital

I’m a Pardot Solutions Architect with BDO Digital. I’ve earned five Salesforce certifications and two Pardot accreditations in Account-Based Marketing, and Pardot Reporting & Analytics. In 2020 I was selected to be part of the inaugural Salesforce Marketing Champions program. I’m the founder of the Tampa Pardot User Group and a member of the Pardot Technical Marketers Committee. In addition, I am the administrator of the blog.



Automation is invaluable for any marketing team looking to take their strategy to the next level. I empower my marketing teammates to spend more time on strategy by creating shortcuts to insights, such as lead intent, time spent in lead stages, and more. I enable them to make smarter strategy decisions using email nurture and A/B testing to understand how leads and customers interact with our content. My job is fun for me because I have a genuine passion for efficiency and data-driven marketing strategy.

I believe marketing driven by data can still be infused with personality. I began my marketing career as a copywriter and my experience spans a number of B2B industries. Writing copy for everything from white papers to social ads and emails has taught me how to strategize for each medium, accurately test and level up my copy.

I have learned that regardless of company size or marketing budget, every team can benefit from email marketing and marketing automation. It has incredible ROI potential and is integral to accurately tracking and attributing marketing revenue – another passion of mine.

Natural curiosity leads me to test new ideas and seek out education. I’m an unabashed nerd and will spend lots of time in the numbers because I know that gut feelings about marketing are not nearly as reliable as data. I believe being good to work with is just as important as being good at your job, and I love the cross-functional nature of my role because it provides opportunities for collaboration and gaining new perspectives.

My strengths are:
-Marketing automation and platform integrations
-Lifecycle marketing and prospect journey tracking
-Email marketing strategy and execution
-Marketing reporting and attribution

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