Unifying Your Marketing Funnel With Campaign Members

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The traditional Lead-to-Contact marketing funnel has a significant flaw due to reporting limitations in Salesforce. In short, it’s not unified. After a Lead is converted, the Lead-based funnel stops. Then a new Contact-based funnel begins.

A unified marketing funnel refers to a single view that combines data from Leads and Contacts. It eliminates the need for separate reports and gives a more holistic view of how prospects progress through the funnel. With a unified funnel, you can track individuals and accounts from start to finish and better understand how your marketing efforts are performing.

By utilizing Campaign Members to create a link between Leads and Contacts, you can build that unified view. And because Accounts can also be Campaign Members, you can use them for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tracking.

In this session, learn about the advantages of a unified marketing funnel. Then see how to build it.

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I’m a Pardot Solutions Architect with BDO Digital. I’ve earned five Salesforce certifications and two Pardot accreditations in Account-Based Marketing, and Pardot Reporting & Analytics. In 2020 I was selected to be part of the inaugural Salesforce Marketing Champions program. I’m the founder of the Tampa Pardot User Group and a member of the Pardot Technical Marketers Committee. In addition, I am the administrator of the PardotGeeks.com blog.

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