5 Essential Data Configurations For Marketing Cloud Engagement

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Marketing Cloud Engagement is widely understood to be a powerful marketing automation platform. However, it’s easy to overlook just how many powerful features it provides to manage, segment, and personalize your data.

In this session, we explore five data configurations you can implement in your Marketing Cloud Engagement account today to enrich your marketing strategy and streamline your marketing operations. The configurations include Salesforce subscriber sync, system data views, and managing your contact count, among others.

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Sarah was born in St. Louis, Missouri, spent most of her life in southern New Hampshire and Boston, and had dreams about moving to the West Coast…only to end up back in St. Louis instead. She currently lives with her parents to save up for that almighty house downpayment (location TBD). Even though she has long since proclaimed to be a cat person, she somehow has a 15-month-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Roxy, who goes into Goblin Mode at about 5pm every day. Prior to joining Sercante, she spent almost a decade working in various communications and marketing roles at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her background with Salesforce follows the usual cliche: by virtue of being the only one on her team who knew how to rotate a PDF, she somehow was tasked with implementing and administering Pardot, Salesforce, and Marketing Cloud for the past five years. Fortunately, doing all these things turned out to be something she enjoyed. Over the years, she has developed her strengths in digital strategy, some web development for both well-known CMSs (WordPress) and not-so-well-known ones (Drupal), marketing automation, and communications strategy. She enjoys building Salesforce Flows and trying to write formulas like a true nerd (Date formulas are still her nemesis), learning the ins and outs of data analytics, and wants to really start building out her data visualization skills. In her non-Salesforce time, Sarah likes video gaming (current skill level: poor, an incorrigible button masher), learning digital illustration (current skill level: also very poor), keeping Roxy from Mischief, and (her first love) creative writing.

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