Demystifying AI + Data + CRM: Where To Start

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Data & Analytics

We’ve all heard it — the future is in AI, Data, and CRM.

There is a great vision on how these tools together will transform the way we work, helping us achieve even greater levels of productivity while supercharging our efforts to continue to improve hyper personalized customer experiences.

Sounds great, right? But, where do I start? What do you need to get from point A to point B? What does the roadmap look like?

In this session, we’ll cover core concepts, foundational functionality, and tips for you to start assessing where you are in the AI + Data + CRM journey.

About the Author


Luisa is an experienced, effective and a creative program manager and Salesforce Consultant. She is passionate about marketing, marketing automation, technology and Salesforce. With over 15 years of experience in marketing and 8+ in the salesforce ecosystem, Luisa understands critical needs and challenges within marketing organizations. She’s guided and supported small, mid-size and large organizations through their marketing transformational initiatives, their time to value, customer engagement, and maximizing ROI in their MarTech investments.

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