Intro to BLDR: An Open-Source Workflow For Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Time spent using the standard Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) workflow of in-browser code editors or copy/paste from your favorite integrated development environment (IDE) can be less than enjoyable.

For example, if (when) your browser crashes or refreshes… When you go to use that handy stored code snippet and it’s not there… When you make an update, and you get the dreaded 500 error… We’ve all been there.

Implementing BLDR in your everyday workflow can be seamless and bring your SFMC workflow — where you are comfortable — into your code editor. Not only that, it saves you time by allowing you to update assets in SFMC without leaving your editor. It also adds peace of mind thanks to the ability to use any GIT provider for version control. If you are even a little bit familiar with using GIT in the command line, BLDR will feel as

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