Does It Integrate With __? Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Integrations (In Pardot)

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API & IntegrationPardot

Learn from our panelists on how to improve the efficiency of your marstack by leveraging integrations across your marstack and what to do when things “don’t integrate as we expected”. In this session, we will also explore a roadmap of how to tackle a new integration project and how to leverage the Pardot API to access data beyond Salesforce. This will be a good guide of what a marketer needs to know when talking to technical folks. 

About the Author

Mike Creuzer

Mike is one of the Pardot Marketing experts at Sercante (, focusing on the ‘hard’ bits of Pardot and Salesforce. He bends Pardot to his will and integrates it with other tools. He connects the massive marcom stack together in useful ways. His hammer is being a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack developer yet speak the lingo and operate with Sales and Marketing teams.

adam erstelle headshot

Adam was born in Winnipeg, Canada, and he moved to Georgia in 2013 looking for warmer weather and new career opportunities. Luckily, his wife and 8-month-old (at the time) daughter Zoey decided he was worth following. Since then, they decided having a second kid was a good idea, and now Kurt is making them pay.

He has 20 years of software and development team leadership experience and a knack for diving into new technologies and learning them quickly. At Sercante, he is the driving force behind all product development initiatives and works with Pardot, Sales Cloud, and Heroku, among other platforms.

He enjoys playing video & board games and pretty much anything tech.


With ten years of experience managing Salesforce and marketing automation platforms across several industries from healthcare to financial services, Jacob has moved out of managing a marketing team to help others grow.

Now, he enjoys taking his knowledge to help client marketing teams improve and enhance their digital marketing campaigns. Jacob’s mission is to provide tailored insight that will improve campaigns and make the process of creating, executing, and reporting on campaigns easier. His motivation is the feeling of validation when client marketing teams can prove to their executives and board that marketing is making a difference in revenue and brand recognition.

When Jacob is not working, you’ll find him on a stage performing in local and regional theater productions or cheering on his favorite sports teams.


(Stansbury) Hofmann
FARO Technologies

Julia is a Marketing Operations manager specializing in process optimization and digital transformations. Throughout my career, I have focused on growing and maintaining marketing technology stacks. In addition to working heavily in Agile for product development, I spent years working in reporting and analysis and I leverage that experience to help craft enterprise BI solutions.

12+ years in team management and leadership, including hiring/building new teams.

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