Quality Control & Testing in Pardot: The Path to Feeling Zen When Pressing “Send”

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Would you like to feel cool, calm and collected the next time you launch a Pardot campaign?

This session is for in-house marketers who want to learn how to make sure batch mailings go well and complex automations do what is intended. Consultants will hear how quality assurance can be an unexpected source of value and revenue.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Ensure your batch mailings are problem-free with built-in Pardot tools.
  • Build your automation with confidence: tips for a reliable architecture.
  • Be sure your complex flow work as intended with Jacob’s simple system.
  • Develop a mental toolkit for preventing problems.
  • Stand out as a consultant and generate revenue.
  • Troubleshoot if something still goes wrong.

About the Author

Marketing Operations Manager
LexisNexis Canada

Jacob Filipp’s journey in Marketing Operations started in 2013, with a small Act-On and Sugar CRM implementation. Later he became an Eloqua consultant, boosting marketing for large enterprises like Bloomberg, Export Development Canada and Synopsys. Today, Jacob leads Marketing Operations at LexisNexis Canada – where the team runs Pardot.

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