Salesforce Campaigns: The Strategy Behind the Tool to Boost your Marketing Impact

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In this session, we’ll share the steps you should take to achieve a successful Salesforce campaign management system and how to get everyone aligned with the goals of the Salesforce campaigns.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Ensure stakeholders receive expected reporting metrics
  • Understand the business structure and marketing activity
  • Prioritize and scope the project

You’ll also understand the definition of a successful campaign structure. Let’s compare oranges with oranges; Source, Conversion, and marketing campaigns are completely different concepts you cannot compare against each other. You have to keep it logical, tidy, and actionable.

We’re going to share implementation pro tips as well: Connected Campaigns, Campaign Influences, Campaign Member automated association, Member status, online tracking beyond UTMS… Those things we wish they would have told us.

And last but not least we’ll get to dashboards and reporting. There’s a new world of possibilities at your feet from Salesforce Dashboard to Tableau CRM.

About the Author

Ivo Campos
Certified Pardot Consultant

Ivo is a B2B Marketing expert and Certified Pardot Consultant, with experience in both remote and in-house team management. He has worked across a wide array of sectors for early phase startups and multinationals, successfully rolling out Inbound Marketing strategies and Marketing Automation systems. At IVICUO, our mission is to drive value and measurable business results for our clients. He is also the co-founder of, the first B2B Marketing community in Spanish, and is a local team leader for the Pardot Madrid Group in Trailblazer.

Julien Hennico
B2B Marketing Consultant and Co-Founder
Julien’s  experience in B2B marketing over the 10 past years has centered on the growth of scale-ups. He has launched a successful lead generation strategy for (a TripAdvisor company) and managed the brand’s B2B marketing in 12 different countries. More recently he has been building the marketing strategy and team for Geoblink, a location intelligence tech start-up and he is the co-founder of
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