Salesforce Marketing Reporting: Using UTM’s to Show Real ROI

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It’s possible to build a dashboard in CRM Analytics Studio that shows the return on investment (ROI) via UTM tracking parameters for both online and offline marketing activities. The process is pretty straightforward and you’ll end up with a single-source-of-truth dashboard to track and analyze the success of your marketing efforts.

This session covers various steps from:

  • Offline marketing collateral
  • Online advertising
  • 301 redirects
  • Web forms Capturing UTM’s (for all Source, Medium and Campaigns) in Pardot
  • Lead Queues
  • Opportunities
  • Datasets Dashboards

Each step leads to a finale where you’ll encounter a real dashboard in CRM Analytics Studio that brings it all together to show all Leads and Opportunities split by Source, Medium and/or Campaign. This high-level view is where marketers can see clear ROI metrics for their marketing efforts. Join us for helpful nuggets if you’re new to Salesforce CRM Analytics Studio or if you’ve struggled to report on how successful your Pardot campaigns actually are.

About the Author

Close Brothers

Jon works for the merchant bank Close Brothers, for the Asset Finance and Leasing division. The Digital Marketing team manages multiple websites as well as all digital channels such as SEO, PPC, and Social, and Marketing Automation.

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