Say Goodbye to Leads & Hello to Account-Based Strategy

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Account Engagement

Shifting from a lead-based sales and marketing approach to an account-based strategy is crucial for success in today’s business climate. This session aims to guide strategic leaders through the process of making this transition effectively.

Attendees will learn how to articulate the benefits of account-based sales and marketing (ABX) to key stakeholders. We’ll explore the use of tools like Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, 6Sense, and LeanData, as well as building a robust Salesforce CRM infrastructure for account administration, reporting, and analytics.

About the Author

Jessica Bacon-Wourms

Jessica Bacon-Wourms is a seasoned Senior Marketing Operations Manager with a strong focus on leveraging emerging technologies to optimize marketing operations. With extensive experience in operations and management, she has consistently driven success for organizations by implementing data-driven strategies aligned with business objectives.

Jessica’s expertise extends to various cutting-edge technologies, including MCAE (Marketing Campaign Automation and Execution), Salesforce, LeanData, and 6Sense. She has successfully utilized these platforms to enhance marketing automation, CRM systems, and lead routing processes, resulting in improved efficiency and campaign performance.

Throughout her career, Jessica has demonstrated her passion for staying ahead of industry trends and adopting emerging technologies to drive innovation. Her ability to integrate and leverage these tools, along with her deep understanding of marketing strategy and execution, has enabled her to optimize marketing operations and deliver exceptional results.

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