Going Global: One Account Engagement Form, Multiple Languages

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Account Engagement

Handling multiple languages with Account Engagement forms has always been complex — especially when it comes to reporting. But there is a way to multi-language Account Engagement forms. The traditional solution — one form per language — has its drawbacks. But it’s something that’s super important for companies that use Account Engagement on a global scale to do in a logical and user-friendly way.

In this session, we’ll explore a new, more efficient method that improves reporting and streamlines the translation process. Attendees will walk away with a practical solution for Account Engagement lead generation forms that can support the needs of global marketing teams.

About the Author

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Adam was born in Winnipeg, Canada, and he moved to Georgia in 2013 looking for warmer weather and new career opportunities. Luckily, his wife and 8-month-old (at the time) daughter Zoey decided he was worth following. Since then, they decided having a second kid was a good idea, and now Kurt is making them pay.

He has 20 years of software and development team leadership experience and a knack for diving into new technologies and learning them quickly. At Sercante, he is the driving force behind all product development initiatives and works with Pardot, Sales Cloud, and Heroku, among other platforms.

He enjoys playing video & board games and pretty much anything tech.

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