Ten Apps to Leverage Pardot’s Full Potential

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Marketers using Pardot always want to rev up their tools to get the biggest bang for their buck. And luck is on their side with hundreds of applications working seamlessly with Pardot. So, let’s capitalize on it!

As an ardent digital marketer, you may be using many apps to boost your ROI and market share.

For example, you have apps to help you:

  • Design a good-looking email template
  • Perform email spam checks
  • Monitor email delivery rates
  • Schedule social media posts

The list of tools you use often referred to as a marketing stack probably covers a variety of different uses and needs. But in a world where new tools emerge faster than an eye can blink, savvy marketers like you are always on the lookout for something better. Hence, here we go with our countdown of ten productivity-enhancing tools for Pardot!

Join this session to learn about ten tool integrations for Pardot users to save their time and automate specific processes. We’ll discover tools that can do things like automatically send new blog posts to subscribers (prospects) or send an SMS to your prospect.

About the Author

Rakesh Gupta
Senior Solution Architect
Automation Champion

Rakesh is a Dallas based Salesforce MVP, an evangelist and Senior Solution Architect. Best known as an automation champion in the Salesforce ecosystem, Furthermore, he is a principal team member of a biweekly online webinar, Automation Hour (http://www.automationhour.com) and co-founder of Virtual Dreamin.

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