The Trifecta of Website Event Management

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Your website is your digital front store. The experiences your prospects have and how your team interacts with their engagement is crucial in setting yourself apart from your competition. With form completion at an all time less than 1% events are getting harder to gather engagement on, especially via the traditional method of email, landing page and form. What if you could engage with your prospects on your website, in real time? Get registration from an interaction without having to pull out the dusty traditional email? In this session you will learn how to deliver fresh event options to your audience on your site via chat. See how conversion rates excel and also allow for new fresh bespoke experiences so that return visitors always have something new to engage with.

About the Author

Jennifer Lynn

A Salesforce Kool-Aid drinker since 2009, Jen fell in love as an end user and never looked back. Since, she has taken on a variety of roles from BDR, Marketing Director, Admin, Consultant & Partner and now into the product side as an ISV Partner at Qualified. Her journey has been enriched by all of her #trailblazer family she has met along the way.

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