Unleashing the Power of 1:1 Personalization: A $4.5M Case Study

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Marketing Cloud

This presentation explores the transformative power of omnichannel personalized marketing strategies. Drawing from a real-life case study, it showcases how one team dramatically increased their revenue by $4.5 million over a 10-week pilot.

The presentation uncovers the techniques and tools employed to achieve impressive growth. It delves into the unique strategies behind one-to-one personalization, its implications for customer engagement, and the direct impact it had on bottom-line results. By blending data-driven insights with practical experiences, this presentation provides actionable takeaways for businesses seeking to harness the potential of personalization.

About the Author


Formerly the Personalization Practice Lead at Salesforce, Pratik most recently started his own agency called 1to1 to focus on personalization strategy and implementation. He also runs a weekly AI Discussion Group to help folks keep up with the fast changing landscape of Curation and Generative AI.

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